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Clean Image Auto Mobile Detailing Los Angeles is a full service solution for the exotic car collector car community. (All of our team members are trained and certified.) Clean image detail is renowned by auto enthusiast who demands the best in the business. Our mastery and uncompromising high standards have made clean image legendary. Clean Image’s passion for the art of detailing is reflected in the impeccable finish of each and every vehicle we treat. Clean image demonstrates daily why quality workmanship and service are unrivaled.

Clean Image Mobile Car Detailing LA

Clean image is deeply passionate about what we do and we proudly offer our Clean Image Interior and Exterior Wash and Clean Image Express Detail Packages. Discerning owners of classic, ultra-luxury and high performance cars understand and appreciate both Clean Images unparalleled quality and the expertise of the professional who is required to use these fine products.

Clean Image a Professional Auto Mobile Detailer at its finest. A Clean Image we understand your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat or RV is more than just simple transportation. With our proven techniques and the finest products we obtain the best results. A lot of people don’t understand that there is a lot more involved than just taking a sponge to a car.

We carry all the necessary insurance for commercial and residential. Also, vehicle to workers comp, you are fully covered doing business with Clean Image.

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Here’s what our customers are saying!

Not only do they do a great job on your car, There Great People Too!

Pete W.

My image is now clean. They came out to my business to detail my car. I was expecting to see a regular truck or van. Why did they roll up on 26 inch rims and a fresh van looking great. I was so excited to know my car was in good hands. Then i began to ask questions about the materials that they were using and the options they had for keeping my car clean. I found that they not only use green materials but they also gave me advice on how to maintain my cars clean image. They knocked my car out in about 45 mins, and I am now on the clean image calendar twice a month…. My co-wokers were so impressed with the way they improved my cars glow and also got washes. If your cars image needs a touch up or a full make over Clean Image 101 is the way to go.

Altadena, CA

I was impressed. My car – which is black and was literally covered in waterspots courtesy of a curbside sprinkler – was a major challenge. I expected to pay more because I knew it would take a lot of extra work but after we negotiated a price (in advance on the phone) The lead man and a second gentleman arrived and got to work. They bring everything. Even the water. And sweat. There was nowhere they could work in the shade. As a result, the work was harder than it might have been but they plugged away. When the car was done it looked showroom ready. As I said, it was not cheap – I paid $200 – but I completely understand that the car – which had not been detailed previously – was more than simple cleaning job. He told me that rates are lower for less difficult cars so expect to pay around $150. Kyle is also throwing in a free wash at my convenience so that’s a nice touch. It’s obvious that Kyle is customer service focused. I really saw that and appreciate it. I don’t know how his pricing is compared to others (don’t bother comparing a car wash ‘detail’ because there you definitely get what you pay for which is to say unprofessional results from underpaid workers.) I will say, he delivered on what he promised which was a new looking car and no more deeply seated water spots. The interior was spotless and shiney and new. He also removed the swirls that I had received from a previous buffing from a car wash ‘detail’. I can’t afford to do this too often but I will do it at least once a year moving forward. It’s worth it.

Mark S.

never used a detail service before, but I had no choice…. The car I acquired was disgusting! The carpet used to be tan, but was now black. Guess what…. It’s TAN again!! Thanks to Clean Image and crew, I’m a happy man. Clean Image showed up on time and got right to work. They are mobile so they come to you and bring their own equipment. It was so nice to not have to leave the house! Their prices are very reasonable and they do a lot of work for Enterprise Car Rental, so they must be doing something right. I only had the carpet and seats cleaned but they do everything that has to do with cleaning a car. I’m very satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them. Thanks Kyle!

Steven D.

They did a great job on my SUV. Didn’t cut corners and wiped everything possible down. Even the inside of my console and coin compartment.

Fay W.

Clean Image brought my one year old car back to a brand new look. The on site service saves me time and money. Two days after the detail my car became very dusty and dirty and by rinsing off the dirt that new car look quickly returned. The inside was so clean and fres smelling. They did an outstanding job.

Dennis B.

Clean Image did a great job on my car. Took about 2.5 hrs. I am completely satisfied with their work on the interior and exterior. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

David C.

Decided on Saturday that it was time to get our cars detailed. Went to Yelp and did some research. Found Clean Image in my neighborhood and with great reviews. Called and made an appointment for Sunday. Clean Image  showed up on time and did a fantastic job on our two cars. One ’93 Honda Accord and the other our fun car, Mercedes SLK. The Honda looks as close to new as possible for a ten year old car and the Mercedes is showroom condition. Definitely would use these guys again and highly recommend them.

Alan K.

Honest and hardworking guys. My car was a mess. I used to take my dogs hiking all the time so everything in side was covered with dog fur and dirt. Plus my boyfriend left my windows open one night and the sprinklers poured into my car as if someone turned on the hose in there. The inside of the car reeked of mildew. The Clean Image  team showed up the same weekend of the weekday I called. They spent 4-5 hours and cleaned as much as they could. The got a lot of it out but not completely. They told me they would come back the following Saturday and complete it. Honestly, at first hand I did not think they would come back since I already paid them. They came back the following Saturday and spent another 3 hours. They made my car look new again. That mildew smell was completely gone. Thank you so much!

Shinny T.

**Call these guys FIRST!** I had hard water stains on the roof of my car. Other detailers wanted to charge me a fortune to JUST remove the water stains. I called these guys up because their prices were listed on their site. They showed up a couple hrs later as planned, and got right to work. Professional, right to the very end. Amazing work. The paint on my 11 year old car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Outstanding results, worth every single penny. If you care about your car like I do, there’s no substitute for work of this caliber.

Michael B.


Our packages are designed around our commitment to quality standards,
workmanship and detailing expertise. Are you ready to get started?

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  • hand wash and dry vehicle – we use deionized water for a spot free finish
  • we carry our own water and power
  • high power vacuuming (cracks and hard to reach places)
  • Clean windows inside and outside
  • steam clean and wipe down all interior surfaces (including vents)
  • clean all door jams
  • degrease , clean and dress tires and rims
  • we come to you
Cars $39
Trucks/SUV’s $49.00


  • squeaky clean wash  – we use deionized water for a spot free finish
  • clean windows in and out
  • High power vacuuming (carpet and mats)
  • Degrease, clean,and dress tires and rims
  • clean all door jams ,
  • claybar,polish and wax .(to protect your clear coat and remove light scratches)
  • Steam clean cup holders,vents and wipe down all interior surfaces
cars starting at $99
suv's / trucks starting at $129.00

Interior Detail Packages

  • steam condition and shampoo entire vehicle
  • carwash not included
  • clean int / windows
  • clean head liner
  • remove shoe and scuff marks on doors
  • Clean all Door jams
  • Air freshener
  • All vents , cracks and hard to reach places (cleaned)
  • Sterilize and clean at the same time
  • high power vacuum  for faster dry time
cars starting at $99
suv's / trucks starting at $129.00


  • Hand Wash and Dry Vehicle
  • Clean and Dress Tires and Wheel Wells
  • Remove Bugs & Road Tar
  • high power Vacuuming
  • clay bar (entire vehicle) to remove oxidation and light overspray
  • 100%SWIRL FREE machine buffing , hd speed polish and wax (to remove light scratches)
  • steam clean vents and wipe down all panels
  • steam clean and SHAMPOO CARPETS AND SEATS
cars starting at $189.99
suv's / trucks starting at $229.00


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